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Beginning of this year I thought in doing some different. I always had in my mind to do a trash the dress photoshoot but didn’t know how. So first things first I knew the location at least, wanted somewhere in a beach side, water usually makes a great element for photos.

My lovely couple decided that not only they would love to get into this but wanted to also make the day more special renewing their vows. They have been 15 years married and have a beautiful girl which was also part of the shoot. So we started our day taking some cool photos in a golf course and after lunch we had to the beach.

Then they renew their vowels in a very magic way, not reading not even a rehearsal was made…only they truly feelings putting into words. It was so beautiful that I almost burst into tears. Soon after that magic moment I started to direct the couple towards the sea and let them have fun splashing each other.

The day went very smoothly and we all had an amazing experience to take home. I hope you enjoy the photos as I much I as did doing it 🙂

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  1. It was one of the most amazing day in ours life… At the reniew time The words started popping out from our hearts and the tears became impossible to stop. Marina did capture this moment with unforgivable pictures. We felt so comfortable with Marina, that the result of our pictures tell for itself just AMAZING.
    Thanks Marina for making part of our beautiful day.

    Flaviane and Gerson Ida- Brisbane

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