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Towards the end of 2014 I travelled to Brazil for my best friend´s wedding. This time I have to admit, the butterflies in my tummy were getting the better of me.

As with all weddings, it was a beautiful event, but this time it was also very personal and, for this reason, I was no doubt emotionally affected to a far greater degree than I normally would be.

The downside to this was that I found it very hard just to keep to my role as bridesmaid. Don´t get me wrong. It was a thrill to have been given this honour, but at the same time my ´inner photographer´was bursting with ideas and wanted to be let loose!

That said, her photographer was absolutely lovely and very capable. So, instead of intruding where I wasn´t needed, I decided I could help her to do her job by focusing more on what I was supposed to be doing.

I know how exausting a wedding can be for a photographer to organise guests, particularly if there is no ´second shooter´ as happens in my case most of the time.

Experiencing a wedding as a bridesmaid made me realise that photographers don´t simply take photos at a wedding.

We are also there for the bride to help with her shoes, hold her hand when everyone else is nervous, tidy her veil, control the kids, open the champagne, get people together, find the lost grandmother, carry bags, and even have a dance when asked…anything that can make things goes smoother on the big day.

That´s why I love being a wedding photograher. It´s not only the end result (i.e. the photos) that brings me happiness, but also the contact I have with the bride and groom, and their guests, and sharing in the entire emotional experience.

As a final word of advice, I dont think I can stress enough how important it is for brides to meet their photographers before the wedding.

Of course you need to see whether he or she is a professional who can take beautiful photos. But you also need someone with the right people skills, who can be there for you and hold your hand when the butterflies begin to flutter.

From a very proud bridesmaid 🙂


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