Planning your wedding day: Tips for brides

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My job as a wedding photographer has taken me to plenty of weddings and along the way I’ve learned some tips and tricks that can help make the bride’s special day a whole lot easier for her.

Observing brides as they get ready on their wedding day and talking to them about what they do the night before has giving me some great insights. I’m glad to be able to share some of them with you on my blog.

Every so often I will share few more tips, so be sure to call back here again soon.

1) The night before: Try to have a quiet night. Do a quick list and tick off all the things you managed to do. It will help to clear your head before bedtime.

2) In the morning: Ask your bridesmaids to make sure your flowers, earrings, dress, shoes and accessories are all together and ready to go to wherever you will be getting dressed.

3) Getting dressed: Try to keep one room aside, especially for the photographer and the bride. Usually the master bedroom works best. This room needs to be kept tidy. Leave only your dress and accessories in that room. This is the room the photographer will use to photograph you getting dressed. The less clutter, the better.

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