Planning your wedding day: Tips for brides part two

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Here are some more tips for you beautiful brides to ensure you’re well prepared for the big day:

4) Give tasks: Make sure your Maid of Honour and bridesmaids know what to do to help you. Simple tasks like, getting all your accessories, flowers and shoes together before you go to the place you’ll be getting dressed. It will help you relax more knowing that there are other people looking after these important steps.

5) Eating: As you need to be treated as a princess for the day, your bridesmaids should try to keep you hydrated and fed whenever possible. Bring a basket with some nibbles and drinks to your room. Have a glass of bubbly to relax, but with some moderation please 🙂

6) Director: Give a family member the role of director for the family photos. He or she will have responsibility for getting all the families and friends together after the ceremony for the group photos. This way you’ll make sure you don’t forget anyone.

7) Unexpected surprises: Try to go with the flow on your wedding day. Some things won’t go exactly how you planned, but the only one who will notice will be you. I am sure all your guests will just love your wedding regardless.

8) Celebrate: During your wedding, remember to enjoy your party and take a moment to think about why you decided to marry your partner. Have fun and don’t be afraid to show your love for each other.



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